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Electrical Remediation Services

Why and when will I need electrical remediation services?
During our fixed wired or periodic testing and inspection procedures we will identify how safe your electrical installation really is and whether it complies with the current electrical standards and safety requirements. The electrical inspection report that we provide you with will be clear and honest and will identify any defects or issues found in an order of priority or Codes C1 to C3 according to BS7671:2008 inc Amendment 2011

One of the following codes, as appropriate, will be allocated to each observation made and reported to indicate to the person(s) responsible for the installation the degree of urgency for the remedial action

C1 – Danger Present ~ Risk of injury, Immediate remedial action required.

These situations would prompt a Danger Notice to be issued to the Client

C2 – Potentially dangerous Urgent remedial action required.

C3 – Improvement Recommended

Many different types of items can be identified as non-compliant under C3 but are not immediately, or potentially dangerous and there is not a direct risk of injury as they could be out of reach or are quite safely enclosed. However, the equipment might be old, not wired or earthed correctly, or is slightly damaged and / or does not function as it should, or is not fit for purpose. It might also mean that we cannot locate certain electrical wiring or circuits in the building and this will require further investigation to find and record them as safe or not and so they can be isolated in emergency.

What if I receive an Electrical Danger Notice?

Throughout the inspection and testing process our engineers will advise on any issues discovered. We will fully discuss the outcomes of the written report and if a Danger Notice is issued the person responsible for the building will need to sign to say that they have received this notice and will take the immediate action required to makes the installation safe.

We will fully identify all the costs involved to put things right in order of priority, at the right price for you. This may involve carrying out the works in phases in line with the severity of the problems. Wherever possible we will ensure minimum disruption to your business or household, both in terms of disconnection of vital electrical supplies and gaining physical access to the installation. Once everything has been put right by our qualified engineers, we will issue new satisfactory certificates to show that your installation is now compliant.

All problems are solvable and most failures can be remedied very quickly and easily in order to issue a fully compliant certificate for the property after the work is done. The Client’s requirements will be listened to closely in regard to what the options are for us to carry out any works and what the Clients’ priorities and needs are.

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Other types of electrical remedial works

Under change of occupancy, when a building is to be sold or re-leased; there can be a requirement for the building to be returned to the original condition that it was in when first sold or rented. Under a Category A or B dilapidation clause in a lease, the electrical systems may need to be altered and sometimes remediated if non-compliant. If the building layout has to be internally altered or refurbished this will affect the electrical, data and fire alarm installations and remedial works will be required. New inspection and test reports will also need to be issued.

Earthloop will work with other construction contractors to remove all redundant systems and replace and repair all the electrical systems to meet regulations and swiftly allow the building to be sold or re-leased.



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