Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed Wired Testing – PeriodicTesting – Electrical Condition Installation Report (EICR)

What do I need and why?

This type of testing is often still referred to as Fixed Wired Testing or Periodic Testing because different electrical installations have to be tested after recommended periods of time. It also means that all the electrical wiring and equipment that is fixed in your building is tested, not items that are plugged in. However, this terminology was changed under the Electrical Regulations from January 2012 to become known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR. Much of the same inspection and testing is carried out as before but with more rigorous and additional requirements for safety.

The recommended initial frequencies of inspection of electrical installations are very important to everyone and can be seen on our FAQ page as they vary for different types of buildings and installations. The two main dangers associated with electrical installations are the risk of injuries, such as burns and even death from electrical shock, as well as the possibility of fire. If electrical installations are either installed incorrectly, have deteriorated over time, or have been altered or added to by incompetent or unqualified personnel; this can mean that you could have a hidden and silent danger and accidents could literally be waiting to happen.

Therefore, it is imperative that all electrical systems are regularly tested either after change of occupancy, new installations, alteration of existing installations and after given periods of time to ensure accidents cannot happen. This is not only your responsibility but in your own interest, your employee’s rights and often more importantly, your insurance company will need to know in the event of a claim. This is very important if you are a landlord and renting or letting out property.

We can offer the peace of mind you require such that your installation does not pose a risk to anyone. This service is offered to all, no matter whether you have a single dwelling, a commercial building or large industrial premises; wherever you are in the UK and even across the world where major contracts are concerned.

What does the inspection and test involve?

Once we have agreed a cost for the work, we will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit to undertake the works according to your needs and your type of premises. We can offer out of hour’s visits during weekends and evenings to suit you. The Periodic, Fixed Wired or EICR is the most thorough of the inspection and testing processes and confirms that your installations meet BS7671 by qualified engineers using specialist test equipment. Amongst many other checks, we ensure that all fuses or MCB’s and cable sizes are correct, any accessories and all installed equipment are totally safe and undamaged and that all safety earthing and bonding is present and within correct limits. Please ask us if you need more information.

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What does it cost?

This will vary according to the type of premises you have and the amount of electrical circuits involved. Contact us today by either calling our friendly team or completing our quick enquiry form above for a prompt response and quotation. We will advise you without any obligation and can offer free surveys for large premises.

What do I receive after testing?

Not only peace of mind that you have had the inspection and testing carried out but proper advice on the condition of your electrical installation. We will issue initial certification and a report which either advises that your installation is all in good order or we advise very clearly where any problems exist, how these can be remediated and what that is likely to cost you. Your installation will be correctly labelled and all circuits scheduled on the report and the next testing period is advised.

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