Fire Alarm Testing

Why and when do I need my fire alarm testing?

The Building Regulations and Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (As Amended 1999) require any home and business to consider the risk of fire breaking out in their premises. Any business with 5 or more employees has to carry out a written Risk Assessment and have an emergency evacuation plan. Failure to undertake and hold a written Risk Assessment is a criminal offence. Regular reviews of your Risk Assessment will be required to ensure any changes within your business or building layout are still compliant with the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations.

Other premises, including dwellings, especially those being rented out by landlords are also subject to building and fire regulations that place further special requirements particularly if the general public may be at risk. Examples of these are flats, houses, hotels, places used for the purpose of public entertainment i.e Licensed Premises & Restaurants etc. These all require regular fire alarm testing to be carried out.

All properties built since June 1992 must be fitted with mains operated interlinked smoke detectors/alarms with at least one detector per floor level. It is also the case that all Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are required to supply mains operated interlinked smoke alarm system. Earthloop can advise on all this.

BS5839 regulates for the design, installation, maintenance and inspection and testing of Fire Detection & Fire Alarms and details the specific requirements that detection & alarm equipment has to satisfy under the Fire Precautions Regulations. BS5839 also requires the duty holder to undertake informal and formal Periodic checks to ensure the functionality of the system. Failure to keep the Fire Alarm System in working order could lead the local Fire Brigade to serve enforcement notices requiring compliance. By employing Earthloop Electrical Testing to test your fire alarm systems regularly you can avoid this.

What does the fire alarm inspection and test involve?

Any building owner must carry out their own checks on their fire alarm systems and train staff / personnel to do so also. See attach leaflets; Fire Safety Risk Assessment – 5 step checklist, Fire Safety Risk Assessment – offices and shops and Fire Safety Risk Assessment – Making your premises fire safe. As professionals, we can back up these checks periodically with specialist testing and certification. Earthloop initially consider the use of your premises and its layout and assess how the law should apply to it. We visibly inspect and test all aspects of the fire alarm system including the main panel, the sounders, detectors and wiring to ensure that it allows adequate warning systems in the event of a fire starting under the BS5389. This also involves checking that the system is adequate for all personnel to escape in time including those with limited sight and hearing under the DDA Act.

Earthloop Electrical Testing can offer the peace of mind you require such that your installation does not pose a risk of harm to anyone if a problem arises. This service is offered to all, no matter whether you have a single dwelling, a commercial building or large industrial premises; wherever you are in the UK and even across the world where major contracts are concerned.

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What does it cost?

This will vary according to the type of premises you have and the actual requirement for fire alarm under law. Contact us today by either calling our friendly team or completing our quick enquiry form above for a prompt response and quotation. We will advise you without any obligation and can offer free surveys for large premises.

What do I receive after testing?

Subject to a satisfactory test and inspection we will issue certification to identify that the fire alarm system is compliant and fully operational. If no fire log book exits we will issue and complete the log book and advise upon any training required for the interim testing of the fire alarm system.

If the fire alarm system is found to be non-compliant we will advise on how to remedy this and provide you with competitive costs to supply and install any fire alarm equipment / system that might be required.

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