Emergency Lighting Testing

Why and when do I need my emergency lighting testing?

Common law and much legislation impose duties of care upon those responsible for buildings, in particular employers in regard to the installation, maintenance and testing of emergency lighting.

In the event of an emergency it is vital that there is an adequate means of escape for everyone from buildings whether they fall in to the category of residential, commercial or industrial use and that it is adequately lit throughout. The Building Regulations require that certain key areas have the correct escape lighting installed and that it is not only designed correctly but is installed on a critical and dedicated electrical circuit and that the emergency lights can perform in the event of an electrical mains failure. See attached link for provisions for Escape lighting in different buildings.

What does the emergency lighting inspection and test involve?

As an electrical testing specialist, Earthloop have considerable expertise in the periodic inspection and test of emergency lighting systems. After careful evaluation of your premises, its uses and its occupancy, we will carry out a formal inspection & test that fully complies with the requirements as set out in BS5266-1:1999 (IEE Wiring Regulations).

Our tests and inspections will check that emergency lighting has been installed in all required locations. We will test the functionality of the existing system to see if the required lux or lighting levels exist, or are maintained in all escape routes for the required time periods. We also check every emergency light fitting installed and the circuits serving them to ensure that the lights will remain lit for at least 3 hours when disconnected from the mains electrical supply.

We can offer the peace of mind you require such that your installation does not pose a risk of harm to anyone if a problem arises. This service is offered to all, no matter whether you have a single dwelling, a commercial building or large industrial premises; wherever you are in the UK and even across the world where major contracts are concerned.

We can offer a free design and advice service for the supply and installation of emergency lighting. See our Installation page.

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What does it cost?

This will vary according to the type of premises you have and the actual requirement for emergency lighting. Contact us today by either calling our friendly team or completing our quick enquiry form above for a prompt response and quotation. We will advise you without any obligation and can offer free surveys for large premises.

What do I receive after testing?

Following a periodic inspection of your emergency lighting installation, Earthloop will provide a certificate that will detail the specific nature of the inspection along with any departures from BS5266 that may exist. BS5266 requires an up to date log book to be kept with details and type of emergency lighting installed along with all events and checks as they occur can be noted. Where no log book is present, Earthloop can supply a comprehensive log book that fully details the type of emergency lighting system installed, responsible persons, contractors and even manufacturers should spare parts or replacement units be sought. All further inspections will then be recorded within the “Events” section of the log. Earthloop can also offer a comprehensive and competitive service to remediate any defects that may arise and will not disrupt the operation of your business.

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